Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I wrote this yesterday at the campground. Today's post will follow soon.

I suffered more today than I can ever remember suffering on a bicycle. I pushed out over 60 miles, but it was almost all up hill. About 5 miles out of Chico (elevation 225 feet), hwy 32 pointed to the sky. Not a lot, about a 5-6% grade, but it was persistent. Pretty soon I was creeping along in my smallest gear, riding between 4 and 5 mph. This went on for miles, for hours. The high point was 4400 feet, followed by a screaming 4 mile decent that saw me drop 1200 feet at nearly 40 mph, then more climbing

Looking back at Chico.

I camped at the "Potato Patch" campground in the Lassen Nat'l Forrest.
I intended to stop at the next store I saw and get some supplies since I was carrying almost no food. As it turned out, I had lunch at the only place I saw all day, and bought nothing extra. At the campground, I asked several people if there was a store up the road but no one could say for sure. A very nice lady, Vera Rose from Tuscon, answered my question by handing me a can of tune, a single serving cup of applesauce, and a can of sardines. I saved the sardines for breakfast.

The day was 7 hours 46 minutes riding, average speed: 7 mph.

I was so frazzled I couldn't just couldn't get focused.

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