Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keep pedaling!

The ride began today, after my friend Jake dropped me off at a truck stop near I-5 in the town of Dunnigan. I started the ride around 11:30 but with a nice jumpstart, being several miles north of where I thought I might get started. I took a turn onto a back road thinking it might be a shortcut and after 30 minutes on a bumpy gravel road I found myself right back at my starting point. From then on I only ride roads that are on the map!

I ended up on Hwy 45 and planned on calling it a day in Willow, but Willow on I-5, not Hwy 45. I-5 was 10 miles west of me, and I opted to ride 14 miles north to Hamilton City, thinking I would find a low-cost hotel there. I needed a room to unpack my trailer and see if I could lighten it a bit.

Hamilton City did not have a hotel, so I had to chose between Orland and Chico, both 10 miles away, one east and one west. I picked Chico where I sit tonight having covered just over 85 miles for the day.

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