Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another day...

Sitting at a local Bay City bar, (Mulligan's, if you want to know), and the cute lady bar tender says "Wanna see my beaver?" I'm sure this is a joke but what guy can resist? I indicate yes and she shows me a cigarette lighter with a beaver on it. Hilarious (she thinks) till I point out it's a Woodchuck and she still owes me. After that she was pretty flirty with me till her boyfriend showed up...


  1. Will, there must be a generation gap in the bar culture here....our server mentioned that she wished the bar had 'cornhole'..conversation stopped..then she explained that it's a game where you toss a bean bag through the hole in a board. She was totally clueless to any other definition of cornhole. Does that mean I'm really old?

  2. Your blog is no longer rated "G".