Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a birthday!

If you have been looking for updates, I apologize for the pace. I have been spending afternoons scraping loose paint from the walls of a house. Not time for casual retirement-ing and posting. Also, the much anticipated photos from the snowmobile museum have gone missing. I'll post them later if I find them and if I continue to get bombarded by requests for them.

More recently, I had the honor of attending a birthday party with some old friends last weekend. If you know me, you'll know that a party for a 3-year old might not be my first choice for entertainment. But these wise parents realized two important things during the planning: A) a 3-year old will enjoy almost any party and B) they won't remember it very long. So while the party was definitely for the 3 year old, with presents and balloons and cupcakes, a good time was had by all who attended regardless of age.

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