Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only a few more days in Michigan before I head west.

Amazing how time flies. I sometimes wish I was still working so I didn't have so much to do! Hahaha just kidding! Here are a couple of pics from some of the recent activities.

One more picture from the Downers Grove Criterium. As I said before, if you can go see a bicycle race in person, do so.

Two photos of Pico (the dog, seen here held by Ivan). I did not get a picture of Pico's friend Max, the English Mastiff. Ivan said he did not even want to try and hold him...

New tires on the motorcycle called for creative solutions. No stands to hold the bike but both wheels had to come off...

Camping in the Manistee National Forest. It rained that night and most of the next day.

I spent a day at the Gilmore Auto Museum, reportedly the 4h largest auto museum in the country/world/solar system or some such. It was large, a series of old barns refinished in order to display classic cars, mostly from before WW2.

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