Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Say yatuda UP eh?

If you are following along on a map, I made it to the Upper Peninsula (UP) yesterday and found a great (free) campsite that was only slightly disturbing due to the presence of animal skeletons; two beavers and an unknown number of deer. Nothing was fresh and so I figured they were left from the last hunting season.

While checking my map last night I realized I had been across the UP several times and always liked it. But, there are routes I haven't tried, and the unknown draws me. So this morning I turned east and headed for the boarder crossing. Shortly I will begin my first international motorcycle tour by crossing in to Canada. From there I will continue my westward journey along the north shore of Lake Superior and Thunder Bay.

I plan to turn off my cell phone so I don't get charged any crazy international rates. If you are trying to reach me, email will be best. I should only be off the air for three days (two nights) before I reach the U.S. and Duluth, MN.

For now, here are a couple of pictures from the road. One turtle (possibly snapping), one rustic campsite, and two pictures of a tiny tree frog that spent the night on the motorcycle while I spent the night on the ground.

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