Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On the Road Again

Not long ago, my road trips were so infrequent that it might take a full day on the road before I would get in to the rythm of the road.  These days, two miles are enough.  Stuff is gravity, and I have gotten so light that it seems harder to stop moving than to keep moving. 
So after a comfortable 2 and 4/7s week-long stop in Gig Harbor (thanks Carl and Jana!), I am rolling again.  Not quite ideal conditions:  the air temp was a chilly 42 degrees.  At 55 mph, the wind chill is about 28.  And after about 45 minutes this morning, despite my not-quite-winter gloves, my fingers where quite numb.  No pictures were taken, obviously.

After lunch (bowl of chili), the air temp soared to about 49.  After a morning of 42, 49 felt like 54!  Then it started to rain.

Near the town of Seaside, Oregon, rain drops started appearing on the tinted face shield I was using.  Wardrobe choices demanded that raingear go on early instead of later, so I pulled off the road and added a layer.  Boot covers, rain pants, rain jacket, and rain gloves.  As I dressed, I noticed the rain was getting heavier, then lighter.... at least the cars coming the other way still had wipers on. 

The rain was very light though, and I stopped for the night in Tillamook, Oregon; dry, warm, and wearing 5 layers of gear.

From Gig Harbor to Phoenix

Oregon coast line.

From Gig Harbor to Phoenix

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  1. Have some Tillamook Cheese - it's great stuff! Almost as good as Wisconsin...