Monday, October 19, 2009

Still in Gig Harbor

Ah, well, if you have been wondering what is going on, I am still in Gig Harbor, WA, getting ready for the next leg.  When I leave here (less than a week from now, hopefully), I will be driving my van, pictured below, minus the trailer and the weight I've lost since retirement happened.  Tucked inside will be two motorcycles and a bicycle and the bicycle trailer, and rock climbing gear, and a box of books, maps, and music.  

On the roof will be a new Autohome camper top, as seen below.  I plan to follow the coast line down to San Francisco, and after hangin' with my sister for a few days, continue on to LA and then Phoenix.  When possible, I'll camp on the beach or at least, near the beach, and i'll send you pictures of the sun setting over the Pacific ocean.

More adventures to follow soon....

1 comment:

  1. Nice update. How much weight have you lost, overall?? Can't wait to see you.