Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday morning

I've been in Brookings, Oregon, for the past two nights, waiting for the rain to stop.  It has and I'll be taking off this morning.  If you are following on the map, my planned route will take me away from the coast and through the following towns:  Hiouchi, Happy Camp, Somes Bar, Willow Creek, Hay Fork, and Garberville.  I think it will take me two days to get to Garberville, which is probably where I'll be able to log on again.


  1. Hum,I haven't of any of those towns. You must off the beaten path, imagine that!

  2. Too bad you weren't in Garberville for Halloween! Carl and I went through there once at that time and the whole town (all three blocks of it) had cute little kids all dressed up going to each store.

    Take time to enjoy the Redwoods!!