Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From Gig Harbor to Medford Oregon.

The trip continues.  Along the way, I drove through a snow storm, my first one in 7 years.  I made it to Medford, Oregon to pick up my Autohome Tent, which looks great and will get tested a lot in the next few months.  I met some great people and was once again convinced that some of the nicest people in the country live in Oregon.  I wonder if they'd let me join them?

The Globe Positioning System.  To zoom in on your location, mearly stick your head out the window!
From South from Gig Harbor

Works in the snow too.
From South from Gig Harbor

The Autohome in it's new home.  More pictures to follow when I can find some scenic locations to camp in.
From South from Gig Harbor

Next destination is San Francisco, I should be there tomorrow. 

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm picking up the camper in two days!  Then I'll be able to resume touring the galaxy country with vigor!

No, not like this.

From California part 2

And not quite like this.

From California part 2

Actual pictures to follow.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm hanging out in Gig Harbor at the moment, enjoying the rain... Just kidding, I'm not really enjoying the rain.  Like most people in this area, I just co-exist with the rain.  Today promises to be sunny though, so things will dry a bit.

I'm waiting for the call/email saying my camper is ready for pickup.  Then I'll head down to Medford, Oregon to get it and then continue south.  I can only narrow it down to someday this week.

While here, I've become a Washington resident, complete with license plates, driver's license, and Washington insurance.  I was content being a Michigan resident, but I couldn't buy insurance in Michigan since my vehicle was here in Washington.  I couldn't buy insurance here because I was a Michigan resident.  So I could either drive to Michigan and buy their very expensive insurance or become a Washington resident.

Several people have asked about the Mechanic's Course that I attended.  Here, from the USA Cycling web site, is a summary of the topics taught:

·         Race support across all disciplines of cycling
·         Team and neutral mechanic responsibilities
·         Coach and soigneur interaction
·         Wheel changes
·         Team inventory procedures
·         Bike inspection and wash
·         Tool, equipment, and supply needs
·         Bicycle design and material fundamentals
·         Fork theory and tuning
·         Wheel theory
·         Tubular tire fundamentals
·         DOT compliance
·         Packing and transportation

As you can see, there was not much hands-on wrench turning training.  It was a great course though, and I'm looking forward to the chance to use some of the skills I learned.

Friday, December 11, 2009

At the Olympic Training Center

Today we visited the 7/11 Velodrome here in Colorado Springs.  No racing, too much snow, but it was still impressive.  The banking is 38 degrees and the course is home to numerous world records.

From Olympic Training Center

From Olympic Training Center

From Olympic Training Center

From Olympic Training Center

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm a guest at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, here till Sunday for a bicycle mechanic course.  Today was the first day, we started at noon and ended at 9:30 PM!  Tomorrow and Saturday we're in classes from 8 AM till 9 PM with breaks for lunch and dinner.  I'll take some pictures when I can.  For now, this will have to do. 

Taken with my phone at check in.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Temporarily Stationary

Hanging out in Mesa, Arizona, for the past two weeks has been "different." I've gotten used to the moving around, seeing new places every day, sleeping on the ground, eating roadkill (just kidding)... I've got another week here before I fly off to Colorado Springs for a three-day bicycle mechanic's seminar. I'm not saying there is employment in the future for me, but it might be something to do.

Another change of plans regarding the Autohome, I'm being reassured that the Autohome will be in the states by the week before Christmas, so I plan to fly from Colorado to Seattle, get the van, and head south. Finally! (We'll see how the plan actually turns out.)