Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm hanging out in Gig Harbor at the moment, enjoying the rain... Just kidding, I'm not really enjoying the rain.  Like most people in this area, I just co-exist with the rain.  Today promises to be sunny though, so things will dry a bit.

I'm waiting for the call/email saying my camper is ready for pickup.  Then I'll head down to Medford, Oregon to get it and then continue south.  I can only narrow it down to someday this week.

While here, I've become a Washington resident, complete with license plates, driver's license, and Washington insurance.  I was content being a Michigan resident, but I couldn't buy insurance in Michigan since my vehicle was here in Washington.  I couldn't buy insurance here because I was a Michigan resident.  So I could either drive to Michigan and buy their very expensive insurance or become a Washington resident.

Several people have asked about the Mechanic's Course that I attended.  Here, from the USA Cycling web site, is a summary of the topics taught:

·         Race support across all disciplines of cycling
·         Team and neutral mechanic responsibilities
·         Coach and soigneur interaction
·         Wheel changes
·         Team inventory procedures
·         Bike inspection and wash
·         Tool, equipment, and supply needs
·         Bicycle design and material fundamentals
·         Fork theory and tuning
·         Wheel theory
·         Tubular tire fundamentals
·         DOT compliance
·         Packing and transportation

As you can see, there was not much hands-on wrench turning training.  It was a great course though, and I'm looking forward to the chance to use some of the skills I learned.

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