Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From Gig Harbor to Medford Oregon.

The trip continues.  Along the way, I drove through a snow storm, my first one in 7 years.  I made it to Medford, Oregon to pick up my Autohome Tent, which looks great and will get tested a lot in the next few months.  I met some great people and was once again convinced that some of the nicest people in the country live in Oregon.  I wonder if they'd let me join them?

The Globe Positioning System.  To zoom in on your location, mearly stick your head out the window!
From South from Gig Harbor

Works in the snow too.
From South from Gig Harbor

The Autohome in it's new home.  More pictures to follow when I can find some scenic locations to camp in.
From South from Gig Harbor

Next destination is San Francisco, I should be there tomorrow. 

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