Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chesapeake, VA

I'm in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  I was stationed here for 5 years and accumulated a large pile of memories.

So I spent the week visiting. Coffee with a memory here, dinner with a memory there... Conversations about the past with people from my past leave me in quiet contemplation and I find myself seeking distraction with some soothing music, such as this little number from the Super Happy Story Land band.

What chases out the demons in your mind better than bigger demons?

I will be house-sitting (and dog-sitting) through the weekend, then taking off on Monday or Tuesday, heading to Ohio. Not much photography happening this week so here's some from the past.
Roads so flat you can take pictures without slowing down!
From Mesa to Tuba City

Camping with a view of the Pacific.
From California part 2

You would think a fire could burn without this much attention...
From Natchez Trace


  1. I have to get my sound working on my laptop to hear this band. It is kind of funny though, I think I can hear them without my sound working! Something I have been curious about of late is "whatever happened to all the skinny rockers"?

  2. Painful. The bubbles made it slightly enjoyable, with the mute on. Something I'd expect to see on Heather's blog. How many songs did you stay for? Or did you download that from some deep dark place in cyberworld???