Sunday, May 9, 2010

The final day of racing at the Joe Martin Stage race has ended.  I was able to get some good pictures of the team today since the service was from a pit area instead of a car chasing the pack. 
The Kenda riders did great, they held their overall positions and we ended up with two riders in the money paying positions.  There were several crashes on the course but the Kenda riders managed to avoid being part of them, though they were stuck behind the crash a couple of times.
There were no flats today, nor any other mechanical failures.  Jake (the Breeze) finished the race with a badly out-of-true wheel, probably the result of a collision that he didn't even notice in the crowded field.
We are now on the long drive home.  Back to Indianapolis first, then for me, on to Cleveland, then back to Lexington.  I think I'll be there by Thursday.  More news as it becomes available.

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