Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Joe Martin Stage Race

Just a quick update since I have internet access. A few weeks ago I was asked to be the team mechanic for the Kenda Pro Cycling Team at the Joe Martin Stage Race in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I traveled from Lexington, VA, to Cleveland on the motorcycle, then to Indianapolis and then Fayetteville in a team car.
Wednesday, in the glamorous life of a team mechanic, I drove for 2 hours from our hotel in Missouri to our temporary quarters, got a ride downtown to buy some supplies but had to walk 4 miles back to the house while the car went to the airport, and then spent 11 hours working on the 8 team bikes. They are all carbon fiber, weigh about 15 lbs, and if you try to buy one, expect to pay over $6000.   My new tool kit is visible on the bench.  The first day, I used all but 3 of the tools in that box.

Thursday, the first day of racing was a individual time trial, a 2 mile hill climb. The winner did it in under 8 minutes, the fastest rider on our team was about 30 seconds slower, and unfortunately, two of our riders were outside the time-cut, meaning they were slower than 125% of the fastest time. They probably won't be allowed to start day two...

The race goes on till Sunday, tomorrow is a 110 mile road stage, Saturday is 92 miles, Sunday is a closed-course "criterium" that goes on for 90 minutes. I'm glad I'm not racing, it will be a long day in the team car following the race tomorrow, standing ready to jump out and do a quick wheel change...
For a much better write-up of the racing, check out the blog of one of the racers here:

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