Saturday, May 8, 2010

The third day of racing was a circut: similar to the road race, but the course looped back on itself three times.  The riders spent three hours racing in some rolling hills.  Fifty mph decents on winding twisting roads kept us alert in the car.  The Kenda Team held their own though they are not stong enough to control the race.  I did one front-wheel change and passed out some water bottles.  Then it was back to the garage for post-race bike inspections and cleaning.  One more day, a 90-minute race in downtown Fayetteville.  Check the blog I mentioned a couple days ago for more photos.

The bikes lined up, ready for the riders to head for the start.
Another action shot of me in the team car.  I sat in the back seat, the traditional spot for the mechanic.  We'd carry 3 spare front wheels and 3 spare rear wheels, two coolers full of water and drink-mix, and a large assortment of racing food.  The wheel changes were my responsibility, the food could be handed to the riders by me or Paul.

Paul driving the team car chasing the caravan.  He would generally hand over the water bottles or food as needed and provide tactical advice to the riders.
This is about the best view I get of the racing action.  We were number eight in the caravan, not a bad position, but not great either.  We would race forward if they called for "feed" or "service" for one of our riders, then drop back to our spot. 

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