Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bike Racing.

I spent a busy weekend in Philadelphia working for the Kenda Team. Yes, I said working. I hung in there, a year, without anything that could be called a j-o-b, and this is certainly stretching the limits of that definition, for reasons I won't go into, but it was certainly work.

It was nice to feel useful, something that I realised was missing in my life. Apparently, lots of leisure time, with not much purpose, is not a good mix.

So here's a couple pictures from the weekend.

Driving to the race, the team manager meditating in the front seat, one of the racers is barely visible in the back seat, zonked out...
From Philadelphia

Not all accomidations are as nice as they were in Arkansas. Instead of a nice garage, I did my work on the sidewalk next to the Sheritan.
From Philadelphia

Prior to the race, team vehicles lined up...
From Philadelphia

See that guy driving? That's Frankie Andreau. He raced in the Tour de France NINE TIMES!!
From Philadelphia

Back in Cleveland, getting ready for the next trip.
From Philadelphia

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