Friday, July 9, 2010


What do you think of when I mention that? Images of someone sleeping in a park, pan-handling for change, dirty, unshaven… not unlikely. Technically, I think I qualify as “homeless” but it is different somehow. I don’t live in a park (unless you count National Parks), I don’t pan-handle for change. I have gone a week without a shower, but it was on a bicycle-camping trip, and there were no showers available. And shaving is purely optional for me, though I still prefer “no beard.”

From Texas

But after several weeks living on the racing team’s dime, I am finally at home. Not home in the traditional sense, but in the place I have come to think of as home. Sure, I could have an apartment somewhere and that would fit the description better, but the van is home to me. I sleep on top of it like Snoopy on his dog house (hey, it’s home for him), and it’s… comfortable. It doesn’t matter to me where it is; it has become home to me.
From a day in the life

I guess in a broad definition of the word, I would qualify as homeless. I have met many people who have no fixed residence, instead they choose to live in RVs year round. Are they homeless too? My RV is slightly (okay a lot) less luxurious than others. And I move around a lot more than other people. I spend a week in a national forest, while other people will spend 6 months in one location. But I have luxuries that others do not. Traveling lightly is a joy many people will never know. Sure, the van looks stuffed to the gills with motorcycles and bicycles. But as it’s loaded, it weighs about the same as a new Chevy Suburban. And by “light,” I’m talking about being able to camp almost anywhere, being able to change my plans on a whim, change direction, change my heading, my destination.…
From a day in the life

So is this homelessness bad? In my case, I think it isn’t (obviously, or I would change the situation). Not everyone else thinks its bad either, though some people turn their nose at the word “homeless” despite all the disclaimers that follow. The people that listen beyond that word, I find, are the ones who have the most character to offer in return. And I have met a lot of people that listened beyond and they have always lived up to expectations.

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  1. My favorite post yet. This definition of homelessness is something I look forward to. Feel the need to be free, take jobs as they come, never have to be under the heel of nobody ever again. Keep flying!