Tuesday, September 7, 2010

even more Wisconsin....

Holiday weekends are the scourge of the retired guy. Because for 3 days, everyone else is retired too.

I attempted to leave Wisconsin behind, but in northern Illinois, the campgrounds were either full or outrageously expensive. (Seriously, $40 per night for a place on the ground to sleep?) Too bad, since the area I was in looked very nice for camping and biking and blogging. I stopped in Capron, IL, at a nice little bicycle shop, picked up some bike-route maps and some local area intel from the nice lady that ran the place. But it wasn’t enough; I also needed an affordable place to camp. So I headed back to Wisconsin and became a weekend guest of Rick and Annette.  Thanks to both of you!

Making the most of my extended stay, I was able to cook a little (another Dump Cake), and share meals with some old friends. As always, it was nice to catch up.

So I’m back on the road, heading back to Cleveland for more racing action. I had planned to be heading west by now, but not yet.

Buster, the world's greatest Beagle.  No, not a member of the witness protection program, he just likes to sleep under blankets.
From Wisc

Unidentified black car, anybody recognize it?  Perfect size, it makes the Ducati look big. 
From Wisc

If I only had a garage... this would be a fun project.  A Renault 4 CV, probably from the early or mid 1950s. Notice that the front and rear doors share hinges.
From Wisc
Water-cooled rear engine with the radiator facing the back seat. Genius. Not pictured: the gas filler is right between the rear window and engine lid, above the engine. Double genius.
From Wisc

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