Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bicycle Tour that wasn’t.

The plan was for brother Carl to drop me off near the Roosevelt Reservoir.  From there I would ride to the town of Young, AZ (about 2 days), then head south taking Highway 88 back to Mesa (3-4 days).  
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I had some anxiety about how the bicycle was loaded.  No front rack meant everything had to be stuffed into two small panniers.  What wouldn’t fit was put into a small back pack but the pack became heavier than I would have liked.  Strike one.
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The drive out to the drop off point was going to take longer than I thought, and Carl had plans.  Strike two.
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Inside the van, the bike, packed and ready to go, sat on a flat tire.  Strike three.
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So instead, after fixing the flat tire, I took the loaded bike out for a for a short (26 mile) day trip.  It gave me a chance to see how the bike handled fully loaded and if it was still possible to climb any kind of a hill with the nearly 80 lbs of bicycle.
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It was a good ride, I learned a bit and hope to be able to complete my plans in the near future.  For now I’m winding up the winter, packing up the van, and getting ready to rejoin the racing team for another season.   See you at the races?

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  1. Ice cream must have been good.

    I do hope to see you at a race. LA maybe?