Friday, December 23, 2011


It's been  quiet time since I got back from Taiwan.  House sitting has turned out to be a pretty good gig, except for the lack of traveling.  Ah, well, it's a good chance to browse the maps and the internet, checking  other peoples adventures and making plans for next year.

From December 2011

As for what is in store for the coming year: I'm hoping to do more touring on the bicycles.  I've been invited to do a week long ride in Iowa in July, and I'm seriously considering riding a bike to the event from the home base here in Washington.  Before it gets too hot I'm hoping to explore Death Valley, CA, with a buddy from LA, and I want to spend some time working in a friend's bike shop.  And I'm hoping to work for the racing team a few times, though not as much as last year.

From December 2011

Then there's the standing invitation to go to Costa Rica to learn to surf. Did I mention that I've always wanted to learn to surf?  Expect me to be blogging from the beach before long....

From December 2011

If you're still reading this, I hope you have/had a Merry Christmas, and wish you the best for 2012.
Till next time, here's a picture of the sunrise from the table where I have breakfast everyday.

From December 2011


  1. hey, Will
    Merry Cristmas & happy New Year. Shoot us an email, all our contact info doesn't work.

    Love the blog.

    coonass & MsB