Friday, March 16, 2012

Re-learning how to travel.

I've had (for me) a pretty long break from the traveling.  And many thanks to Carl and Jana for giving me a chance to experience living under a roof again for a few months.  It has been great to have luxuries such as a refrigerator, shower, heat, and cats.  

But I've been getting restless lately, and I started feeling blue after some unintentionally hurtful comments (don't ask, but if you're reading this, it wasn't you).  The cure for both involves movement.  Plus Carl and Jana are back from their winter trip and I'm sure they want their house back.

So I am back on the road, southbound with several stops and visits planned along the way.  It feels like it's been years.  The inside of the van is a mess, three months of unpacking and one week each of packing and repacking have made it seem as though nothing has a place in there.  If I can ever drive out from under the rain, my first dry campsite is going to look like a national forest yard sale.

I think it'll be nice to be on the road again.  Too much luxury seems to soften me, makes me forget to do things.  Things like read books, build campfires, count shooting stars, listen to the howling and growling of the wildlife, and update my blog.  Time to change all that.

It wouldn't be a blog update without pictures, so here is an oldie but a goody.  This was my backyard and garage 5 days after the levee broke.  Most people call it hurricane Katrina.  To me, it's "how to live in your van, step one."