Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SF to SoCal

I had way too little time in the Bay Area.  It was great to visit my (favorite) sister Pat, but there were several other people I meant to get together with, if only there had been more time.  Sometimes I wonder how I can be pressed for time when time is my greatest asset.  Pat suggested I schedule too much.  Being retired can be like being the kid in the candy store: I finally have time to do all the things I’ve always wanted, on a vacation with no ending.  Too bad I forgot to prioritize all those things I wanted to do.  Any way, in May I will be heading north again, so if you were cheated out of a visit this time through, look for me then.
Sitting on this heavy pole, standing to check the image, sitting back down again... I took several pictures before I got the framing right.  Then I stood up, picked up the camera, and walked over to the bike.  Suddenly this pole I'd been sitting on started rolling away.  I thought it might go off the edge but it stopped after about 15 feet.  Spooky
Two-wheeled therapy.

Leaving the bay, I headed south and east.  I paid for a campsite one night, a county park, $15 big ones for something I usually find for free.  But there was a shower with hot water and almost no one else in the park, so I took the bait.  My mistake.  The crowd showed up at 10:30 PM, half an hour after “quiet hours.”  A late arrival didn’t deter them from cranking up the music and having a party.  It was after mid-night when I fell asleep with earplugs in.  They were still having a great time.  Free campsites are almost always better.  At least you get your moneys’ worth.
The road was like this for 10 miles. 

My next stop was just that: a free campsite.  This time I was in the Sequoia National Forest.  Despite the warm sunny weather, they still consider it winter there, so traffic was light.  And the roads were amazing.  I spent several days making the run from Springville to Pierpoint Springs and back, with my campsite somewhere near the middle.  
One last view as I departed after four days of riding back and forth on this road.  It didn't get old, I left because the forecast called for rain.

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  1. Hi Will,

    I see great minds think alike. I pulled the plug in Sept 2011, and hit the road full time in Dec. I do it with a slightly bigger rig than you have, but I do have two 50cc motorscooters that I haul in the back of my tow car.

    Currently we (my wife Marti) and I are in NJ with a new granddaughter, but next week are heading out to SD to firm up our "residency" there. We found SD to be the most tax adventagous state for us.

    We did a 7000 mile ling loop around the US starting in Dec, headed out to OR (my son is stationed there in the CG) then down thru CA, over to AZ and worked our way up to NJ. We are loving being retired and seeing the country as we want to.

    Take care, safe travels and if you get a chance, we have a blog, too. We documented our journey to become the full time RV travelers we've always dreamed about. Our email is at the bottom of our blog page.