Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I updated.  Since the last post, I’ve been to Seal Beach, San Diego, more California mountains, San Francisco, Petaluma, more mountains, and Medford Oregon.  Here’s some pictures and details:

I spent a couple weeks in Seal Beach, near Los Angles.  While there I got to explore that corner of the country pretty thoroughly; on foot, bicycle, and motorcycle.  I also got to see some old friends and coworkers, from back in the day.  All in all, it was a great detour; time well spent.

I left there and retraced the route I had taken to get there.  Some of the same campsites, some different.  All good.  I spent some time in San Francisco again, hanging out with my sister, exploring the town.  I got to meet the wonderful 6-month old Scarlet (not pictured) and satisfied my craving to spend time in a big city for the next, oh, 9 years.  Back to woods for me!

While I was in San Francisco, I also got a much needed tune-up on the Ducati, and new tires on both motorcycles.  It was the most money I’ve spent in one day since I bought the motorcycles.  A shock to my system, to put it mildly.  It prompted me to consider starting a charity to aid a homeless veteran.

Continuing north, I camped in the Six Rivers National Forest.  It was a good moral booster.  The campsite was quiet, the sky was clear all day and night, the roads were smooth and twisty and nearly deserted.  The Ducati ran great (as it should, based on the cost of the tuneup).  

Farther north, I visited friends in the beautiful town of Medford, Oregon.  Wonderful place, wonderful people.  Always worth the detour if it’s not on your regular route.

And finally, I’m just days away from “home,” in Gig Harbor, Washington.  The next leg of the journey is best described as “ambitious.”  Around the first of June, I’ll depart on a bicycle, heading for Iowa.  I’ll need to ride over 1800 miles in 45 days.  Once there, I’ll meet friends for a week-long bicycle ride called the RAGBRAI.  And I’ll update this blog as often as I can along the way.  


  1. Nice. I always love it when I make the blog, thanks. Great times. You could have mentioned all the great food/countries we ate while you were here - Moroccan, Indian, Californian - and that was just the start! You are welcome any time.

  2. You're not a "Homeless" veteran, just a "Houseless" one. It's a great feeling, isn't it? Don't miss cutting the grass, painting the trim, etc. Not a bit.

    That's going to be some bike ride, in 45 days? I guess that means you'll be taking it slow...