Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First update.

This is already 3 days old but this is the first wifi I've had access to. Enjoy. It's been a great trip so far.  The first few days of riding where all tail-winds and downhill.  I've been stopping at every place that was open for food and general diversion, though in western Oregon that was still meant 60 miles of bicycling between options. Before I knew it I was in Idaho.  Then, outside of Boise, there was a vague sign promising showers, camping, and breakfast in the town of Prairie.  It didn't take much to convince me to turn towards it.  Before long, the pavement ended.  No idea how far it was to Prairie, I decided it press on.  The town didn't appear on my maps and there was no mileage on the only sign I'd seen.       The first mountain pass had me questioning my decision.  The second and third... well, once your committed, why turn back?  The fourth found me walking up a 14% grade dragging the 80+lbs of bicycle and gear.   By the time i made it to town, I'd ridden almost forty miles and climbed 3000 vertical feet.  Later I would sit in the cafe drinking coffee and listening to other tourists as they exclaimed to the locals how difficult it was driving in on that Black Creek Road...  the same road I had traveled on a bicycle.      I got to the town of Prairie, sunburned and exhausted.  I was definitely ready for a rest-day.  I planned to camp but got a pretty good deal on a room at the cozy little Prairie Store.   The room would turn out to be a great decision.  And it was a nice room, although there was no wifi, or cable.  No tv either, but that was okay, since there was no electricity.  That would have made it tough to see to take a  shower, but that was okay since there was no hot water.  No cold water either.  I stayed three nights and they never even gave me a key.  God help me, I love places and days like these.      I was going to take a day off the bike, stay in Prairie for two nights.  The power and water came on before the second night, along with heat and hot water.  Just in time, since rain was in the forecast for the third day.  But if you'd been reading this blog all spring, then you can already guess what came instead.  Snow.  Naturally, I stayed.  Why ride a bicycle on a dirt road in the snow if you don't have to?  Add to that being in a place where you feel at home ten minutes after showing up... If they'd had an ATM I might never have left.


  1. We sure enjoyed having you stop in our little town, I enjoyed the company and hope to see you again. Good Luck on your journey, safe travels. Debbie @ the Prairie Store

  2. Will, glad to see your still having fun. Next month I'm making my own exploratory trip to Idaho, I may have to pass on Prairie.

  3. Nice updates! I am so happy that you are doing something you have talked about for so long - enjoy every minute, it appears you are! Glad to read reports - even without photos.