Monday, October 22, 2012

After a long break in Washington and a too-short visit to Orlando to see Jordan and Ashley get married (congratulations!!), I’m back on the road.  Just a couple days so far but it didn’t take long for me to get back in to my grove, back to my comfort zone.  

        Good news at last:

Bruneau Canyon.  Worth the trip.
 I stopped outside of Mountain Home, Idaho.  On the recommendation of some folks I met in June, I was on my way to see Bruneau Canyon.  I drove the van till the road got too rough for my comfort.  Then I pulled off and unloaded the motorcycle.  Within minutes I was motoring on down the road.  Bruneau Canyon was amazing, as you can see from the pictures.  I highly recommend it, but if you go, be warned.  It is a jeep trail to get there.  Not an easy jeep trail either.  It was a tough jeep trail.  After riding the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, 600 mile of dirt road, I would still call the 10 miles out to Bruneau Canyon a tough trail.  So now you have a reason to go buy a jeep.

 Ten miles of this "road."  Loved it.

From there I headed to the town of Prairie, Idaho.  You might remember, back in June, I went through there on the bicycle trip and got snowed in.  It was such a great, welcoming place back then, it had to be on my list for a return visit.  And once again I feel right at home here.  And once again there is snow in the forecast.  I had hoped to spend a couple days riding the motorcycle around the mountains but my arrival is a bit late and a lot of the Forest Service roads are closed for the season.  Well, it’s a good reason to put the Boise National Forest back on the list of places to visit.  In the summer.

Forest fires were out but still smelled of smoke.  

At 8000 feet above sea-level, the puddle showed no signs of thawing.

From Prairie, I'm continuing east.  Updates to follow as interesting things happen.

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