Sunday, December 16, 2012


     I made it to Virginia after a long day of driving from Ohio.  I should have made it two days, but it was bitterly cold and camping didn't seem like a great idea.  I paid for my haste though, arriving in the DC area during rush-hours and well after sunset.  The drive probably wasn't that far but it felt like forever and left me totally frazzled.  I planned to spend a few days there and visit some museums but I was so done in by the drive that I couldn't quite deal with the mass of people.  Promising to return, I headed south to friendlier surroundings.
My kind of crowd....
      A few days in the mountains did wonders for me.  I spent time riding the dirt and paved roads around the tiny village of Brandywine, West Virginia, in the George Washington Nat'l Forest.  It was still cold, but not as bad.  Plus I could inhale deeply without feeling like I had to compete for oxygen.

Same spot, looking the other way.
    I spent several days playing in the mud puddles, then loaded the dirty bike back in van and headed to a spot where the pavement was more accessible.

One of the better roads.  Scenery was a combination of "the leaves are gone I can see the view!" and "spooky."

To and from the campsite, I drove 2-3 miles of this "road."  Vanna White wouldn't talk to me for days afterwards.
Camera mounted to the handlebar.  It's a work in progress....
Looks great but temps were in the upper 30s.  

Warmer day but the roads wouldn't dry out.  The bike looks great without the fender but I pay for it with a dirty bike, dirty helmet, dirty jacket....  I had to clean the taillight multiple times to keep it visible.  
       I stayed several days with my good friend Robert, but eventually, the temps here in Charlottesville got too wintery for me, the days in the 30s were outnumbering the days in the 40s and 50s.  Time to head south a little more.  Stay tuned.


  1. Hey Will, Whats that new bike you got? Ducati?

    1. That's a 2008 KTM 690 Duke. The engine is a 650cc single. 325 lbs of motorcycle, 1 ton of fun!