Saturday, January 12, 2013

I noticed it has been a while since that last update.  For the lapse, I am sincerely indifferent.  But here’s the summary of what’s been happening:  
My home office.

I spent more time in Virginia until I realized the weather was not going to improve for months.  Time to head south.  But not before spending Christmas at the home of my friend Brian and his family.  They were tremendously generous in opening their home to me for the holiday and I am very grateful.  

From the Fort Eustis Army Transportation museum.

no idea what this two-wheeled trailer was.  Any one know?

But pretty soon I found myself in North Carolina, camping in the Uwharrie National Forest.  According to geologists, these mountains were once a chain of islands crushed in a prehistoric collision between Africa and North America.  Now they are greatly eroded, topping out at about 1000 feet.
If this is North Carolina, then there must be a NASCAR museum.

The camping was so-so at first, too cold for a motorcycle ride, short daylight hours, roads too narrow and full of logging trucks make a bicycle ride seem like a bad idea.  But the forecast always called for warmer weather “tomorrow,” and eventually it was right.  I finally had some pretty decent days, with the daytime temps touching 70.  But not in the mountains, which are where I want to be.   So after exploring a bit and sampling the barbecue at nearly every place I saw, I’m going to pack up and head even more south.  
Everyone envies my stars & stripes tires.

North Carolina Indian Fort

North Carolina Indian Fort

As always, enjoy the pictures and check back in a couple weeks for the next update.

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