Thursday, February 14, 2013

South to Orlando

Normal road, giant mailbox.
On the way south I took a little detour to "Love Street."  But don't worry, that's not a metaphor, it really was "Love Street."

  I headed south from South Carolina.  Camping was done in the Osceola National Forest.  I finally got to find out what it’s like to camp 9 feet in the air (surprisingly similar to camping 8 feet in the air).

The area where I was camping had obviously seen a forest fire recently.  How long ago was not clear.  There was no firefighting equipment anywhere, which suggested it had been a while.  But there was very little new growth which suggested it hadn’t been all that long.  

The first morning in the woods, I looked out of my tent and could see a small column of smoke rising about 100 yards from my camp.  Grabbing a shovel, hatchet, and a bottle of water, I set off to find the source.  It ended up being a log that was smoldering.  A few minutes work and I’d put out the fire so well they were calling me “Chad” all day.  Further inspection showed that the log was actually a tree that had fallen, but about 30 feet of it was just ash.  It appeared as though it had been smoldering for so long that the few feet of log I dealt with was all that was left.  This led me to look up when the fire had happened in that area.  Turns out it was April.  The log had been smoldering for almost 10 months.
the shadow in the middle is actually where the log smoldered for the past ten months.

On to Orlando to hang out with my brother Tim.  I also got to see some of the greatest nephews ever!  Not as much as I would have hoped, but skipping school to hang out with the coolest uncle ever is apparently frowned upon by the parents….
Manatee.  For future reference, do not ask for Manatee BBQ when dinning at Sea World.

"Incredible Hulk" roller coaster.  Lines were short, I rode it twice. 

Hogwarts.  You may have seen in in a movie.  Harold Potter or some such.

Wicker roller coaster.  

Another pic of the Hogwarts School.  

Going up.

I had a great time here, highly recommend a visit if you're in the area!

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  1. Nice post! Great story about the smoldering log, that's pretty incredible.