Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Duty at the bike shop complete, I had time for one more Michigan adventure.  Paul and I packed our mountain bikes, intending to ride 80 miles of technical single-track trail in two long days.  We had a great start, getting lost several times, running through un-rideable swamps while fleeing clouds of mosquitoes like they were a hoard of zombies, cursing loudly as equipment malfunctions caused me to repeatedly fall over at slow or no speed…  In short it was a great time, till a couple of missing bolts called a halt to the ride.  We made it 20 miles.

Paul makes it look easy.
Pre-ride.  Packed and ready and clueless.
If we had kept it together and ridden as planned, the second day would have been glorious; 50 degrees and raining, 40 miles of trail to ride.  Truly the stuff legends are made of.

The house I grew up in.  I used to mow that lawn in 3 hours on a riding mower and got paid $5 to do it. 
I stopped in Wisconsin briefly, a chance to visit family I hadn’t seen often enough.  Brother,  nieces, nephews, grand-nieces and grand-nephews, and best of all, great-grand-nephew Logan.    I also got to see nephew James race.

He credits his success to having the same last name as Uncle Will.

Famous race car driver James Swan and his fiancé Katie and some guy in a grey shirt...
That's James.  People line up for his autograph.  
Grand-nephew Chris emulating his Uncle Will.
And then I hit the road, this time heading west.  Here’s some photos of the hum-drum stuff that makes up my days.  Enjoy.

I love stone houses.  And I love how the heavy stones all got used at the bottom of this one.   
At the entrance to the Spam museum.  3500 cans of Spam and a globe.

This is a candle, not actual meat.

Not Spam.

More fun than it looks...

Nick's Hamburgers in Brookings, SD.  Ranked in the top 51 hamburger joints in the USA.

Yes, they were delicious.