Monday, August 26, 2013

Time flies.  I post to my blog and Bam! it’s a month later already.  Where have I been?  

I left Washington headed for Salt Lake City.  Along the way I spent two great weeks camping and exploring in Idaho.  In Salt Lake City, I got the van serviced and then parked it to join the 5-hour Energy Racing Team for the Tour of Utah bicycle race.  It was a busy and fun week.  We won the final stage of the race but the overall went to someone else.  As they say, “that’s why they call it racing and not ‘winning.’”  

Back in my van I got to spend time exploring some of the cool places we went during the race, but being on my own I could spend time in many of the places we'd previously passed through at “racing speed.”  

The time has been highlighted by some great bicycle and motorcycle riding, and though there was at least one day spent hiding from the heat in the shadow of the van, today, as I write this, I am sitting in the front seat of the van, a prisoner of the all-day rain.

From here, near the town of Beaver, Utah, I plan to head north again.  In a week or so I’ll join the team for one more big race, this time in Canada. Check back in mid-September for the next installment.
Idaho scenery with smoke from a nearby forest fire. 
Utah sunset with smoke from a nearby forest fire.

This is called "Temple of the Sun."  Nearby is a smaller version called "Temple of the Moon."

Called "Glass Mountain," its actually pure Gypsum.

The "Sun" and the "Moon" are much farther apart than it appears in this picture.

Price, Utah, having a little festival and car show.