Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is easily in my top 5 favorite places.  Especially the western half.  And I made the most of my time there, camping, motorcycling, and bicycling.  I was able to visit with a good friend and some notable towns like Munising, Marquette, Sault Saint Marie, Saint Ignace, and the very remote Grand Marais.  
Van keeps an eye on me during a break.

Not the best campsite but certainly not the worst either.

In central-lower Michigan I met up with Paul and Nick for a planned 4-day camping and mountain biking trip.  The weather worked against us though, and after a night of camping in rainy and low 40 degree weather, and then a half a day riding in the same conditions, we called the trip off.  The conditions weren’t completely unbearable except that there was no way to dry out and it was too cold to be soggy all night.

Paul crossed the bridge like it wasn't even slippery.

We did nearly 30 miles on this trail.

Then I was back in the U.P. for a couple more weeks.  But it is upper Michigan and this is October, which means the weather won't be pleasant for long.  So I'm outa-there before the snow arrives.  As I write this in central Wisconsin the temps are just above freezing.  I’ll be looking forward to some warmer weather.