Sunday, December 22, 2013


I took a short side trip, with my sister Pat but without the van, to Spain.  Yes, the place Columbus sailed from.  Below are some of the pictures I took while there.  I highly recommend it.  If you stay in cites like Madrid and Barcelona, you can get by without much spanish vocabulary.  Farther from the cities, lack of language skills can be an issue.  Still, not a big issue. 

packed light.

Pat and I in Madrid.


squid.  Yum!

I was amazed at how old some of the architecture is there.  It was nothing to wander in to a building, usually a church, and see that it was built 500 years ago.  Still used regularly, updated with electric lights…

Baby eels and shrimp.  

Don’t be afraid to go in the off season (winter).  Temps reached a low in the mid-30s, but mid-40s was more common.  Crowds were much smaller, I’d guess, than during the warmer months.  Hotels were cheaper, seats on the trains and subways were more available.  A good trade off, in my opinion.

Jumbo shrimp or tiny lobster.

Street art or not, we never determined.

We had a great time, saw amazing sights, ate amazing foods, took lots of pictures.  Now go!  What are you waiting for?  Lots more pictures below!

very old church.

Fried eggs and potatoes.  

Don't remember what this is but it was delicious!!

Calamari.  Yum! 

Bull Ring in Barcelona.  

Pat thought she heard a bull...

John, you know these shoes are for you.

I tried these.   If you go to Spain, order everything else.

150 Anys?!  It must be good!!

4-5 story enclosed train station.  


Frost on tap was real.  FREAKING REAL!!

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