Sunday, January 19, 2014


What a busy month it has been!  I’m in Florida and it has not snowed on me for a while, so that is good.  And I’ve been enjoying all the things that Florida offers; sand, mosquitoes, Sea World…  Anyway, here’s pictures of what I’ve been up to, in no particular order since it's easier that way.  

I'm the one in the white helmet and black leathers, about to make a pass on the exit of turn 12.

Orange and yellow keys were just part of the oddness of this piano.

The Tallahassee Automobile Museum had the best collection of Batmobiles I'd ever seen.

part 2 of the Batmobile collection.

part 3 of the Batmobile collection.

You like old outboard motors?  Here's a room full of them.

At the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum: this 1974 Karman Ghia has 7 miles on the odometer and has never even been titled.   

Experimental streamlined dragster.

Not sure why I opened all the doors before taking a picture...

All black cat with pink collar.  I would love to have kept her but my landlord doesn't allow pets.  With help of another human, we got her to the humane society in Crawfordville.


My pit at the racetrack. 

Part of a very impressive indoor ice sculpture display.  

Even the campfire was carved of ice!

At Sea World, checking out the new Antarctica exhibit.  

Penguin shown actual size.

Shamu.  I got to meet him later, back stage.  Pretty cool for a big celebrity... 
End of the day, it finally occurred to me to take pictures.

Fish not simulated.  Shamu would have been impressed with our fish-catching abilities that day.

Another Florida campsite.

My camp shower.  Sunlight heats the water in the 4-gallon bag.    On cold days, extra effort is required.  This bag started out at 34 degrees, but by the end of the day, the air temp was 64, the water in the bag was 92.  Solar panels are charging a GPS.
I'm going to make a point to update this more often, especially when there are interesting things happening.  Till next time...


  1. Love it! That is my kind of state!

  2. Nice to hear you're doing well 😊

  3. Keep those Ghia pics coming!
    Love it (except the green).

  4. I like the room full of old outboard motors, and your comment about updating your blog more often.