Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Florida and Georgia!

This update is all about the pictures from the road.  Some of these may have been taken in Florida, the majority are from Georgia, which I anticipate leaving tomorrow.  Deja Vu, I am in north Georgia and it is snowing.  I was hoping to spend the week camping, motorcycling, and mountain biking, but instead I am heading for lower elevations once again.  Check back soon to find out where.

And now the pictures!

At a Mini Cooper dealer.

Ol' Floyd has been cutting hair for over 18 centuries.

'57 Chevy limo?  Why not?

Giant hand massage school.  

Not inspiration for a new paint job on the van.

Cicada was here.

Florida wildlife seen on a bicycle ride.

Semi-underwater bridge.

More Florida wildlife.

A town called "Social Circle."

See those blurry spots?  I need a new lens.

Making some ground-coffee.

Goats gotta advertise.

Bill Murray

Not a police car.  Maybe an inspirational paint job.

World's largest bowling pin. (about 30 feet)

Chewbacca and me.  That's me on the right.

And congratulations to Brandon and Kasey!  (My pictures turned out blurry because I was using a cell phone in low light.  Hopefully your professional photographer with skill and experience and proper equipment had better results.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The remainder of my time in Florida was rather uneventful.  No, I didn’t go to Key West (been there).  Didn’t take a swamp boat tour (don’t ask, and don’t do it).  I did get to camp a lot, got out on my mountain bikes a bit, and a few nice motorcycle rides.  Time got away from me a bit, as I intended to update this more often and then went nearly 6 weeks with nothing.

Collecting firewood on the Pugsley.
Big tires pick up lots of goat-heads.

Carrying lots of water.

Star Wars shrine belongs to my friend Ron.

Finally, I ended up in north Georgia.  That is where, once again, van was covered in snow.  I could only take so much of the flatness of Florida, even if it meant shivering in the cold, snowy north Georgia mountains.

Pretty but lousy for camping.
Not surprisingly, I did not turn onto this road.

Why do they call them the "blue ridge mountains?"

Getting ready for team camp.

Riders at camp building essential skills for the upcoming racing season.

This picture is actually upside down.

Swordfish tacos.  Yum!

“Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future.  Concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha.