Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Charleston and then west...

 What could possibly top the adventures of Florida and Georgia?  That would only be adventures in South Carolina and, well… more South Carolina.

First I did some camping in the Sumter National Forest.  Lots of bicycle riding, motorcycle riding, and rolling snowmen out of the pollen.  
Outside and inside the windowsill.  

Intentionally focused on the pollen on the windshield.

Skuff mark shows the actual color of the dirt.

Notice the green tint on the top.
In Charleston I spent a couple days doing some much needed maintenance and visiting with one of my top 5 favorite siblings: Jim.  We always have fun hanging out and his collection of pneumatic tools is just a bonus. 

My last spot camping in South Carolina was at the Cassidy Bridge Campground.   I had the place to myself most of the week, but Thursday a large group showed up.  They were friendly enough, and after sharing a few of their beers, I learned that they were all NASA engineers.  Some of them had been coming there twice a year for 47 years!  A handful of them had been part of the Apollo missions and many of them had been part of every one of the 135 space shuttle launches.  They made it a fun (but noisy) weekend and were definitely the smartest group I've ever hung out with.

I’m currently in Georgia, making my way west.  The weather has improved (as expected in spring), and I seem to have left the pollen behind, for the most part.  I’m hoping to time my passage in Louisiana with crawfish season and then be gone before the real heat arrives.  

He was pitching, not catching.

Giant chicken needs no explanation.
Giant ant.

Does that road look fun to you?

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