Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mississippi and Louisiana


         I had planned on spending a couple of days in Tupelo, a town I’ve been to but never really got to know.  When I got there, the weather warnings were loud and frequent.  Heading south seemed like a good idea.  The town of West Point came up, but the weather radar I was looking at made me think I should go farther south.

          I ended up in Starkville.  This has been one of my favorite towns for over ten years and it didn’t let me down this time either.  Turns out Starkville has a reputation for getting a pass on the worst weather (it’s true, look it up!).  After a bit of heavy rain (while Tupelo and West Point were getting hammered by severe storms and tornados), I ended up at a local bar talking with a Paleontologist.  Great guy, we chatted about a wide variety of interesting things, staying till the bar closed.  

It was a great evening, and did much to offset a night in what, I am confident in saying, was the worst hotel room I’ve ever stated in.  My budget restricts me to the “cheaper” places, and some of them have been pretty sketchy.  This place looked okay from the outside but inside it was the worst.  I had to splurge the following night just to balance it out.  The pictures tell the story.
Bathroom light fixture.

Shower curtain held up by a spare ring.
Bathroom graffiti. 

Just turn the dials at random.  Didn't seem to make a difference anyway.


Here’s a short tutorial on how to properly eat crawfish. 

Step 1:Become friends with a Cajun.  If he identifies himself as a Coonass, that’s cool too.

Step 2:  Warm up the day before with some amazing ribs.
Step 3:  You’ll need some crawfish, or mudbugs, or the latin name, Procambarus clarkii, which no Cajun has ever said out loud.

               Step 3.14159: Crawfish Pies are an excellent breakfast on the day you’re going to eat mudbugs. 

        Step 4-12:  Carefully rinse the bugs off, add some lemons, celery, onions, and elevantyseven herbs and spices.  Good supervision is essential.  

Angus keeps an eye on the flame.

Remember, don’t eat the dead ones.  And the mushrooms will be very spicy.  The corn will taste like corn.  You know you’ve done good when you need a tractor to haul away the remains.   Enjoy!  I certainly did!
I don't like mushrooms, but I eat them in case I've changed my mind.

Thanks J & B!! It was great to see you both again!


  1. Will I'm in Oxford! I have followed your blog for a long time and loved it.

    Surprised you like Starkville so much, but I'd be glad to have you in Oxford and show you around. Beautiful campus here....

    1. Jay Dub: Sorry I missed you! I'll hit you up on my next trip through the golden triangle! Thanks for following along.

  2. Crawfish envy! And also envious I didn't get to see John & Belinda. Glad to see you both look great! Will, great blog - keep socializing!

  3. Like old times!