Sunday, August 24, 2014


      After returning from China, there was a few days of mandatory naps.  Serious jet lag!  Recovery was aided by some relaxing trips, including a great day on a boat and a lazy trip down a lazy river in an inner-tube.
This tree did it's best to follow the road sign.
Crazy road sign.

       Then it was "back on the road."  Home on the road.  Camping in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Washington.  A successful quest for cooler temps.

       Along the way there was bicycle rides and motorcycle rides and quiet afternoons just reading a book (not pictured).  The jet lag is long gone and the next long trip starts... tomorrow.  I'm catching a plane to Atlanta, then driving almost all the way back to Seattle, but heading to Alberta for a week-long bicycle race.
Got the KTM Duke dirty in Colorado.

Going down.

Going up.

Road train?

Stay tuned.


  1. You baby boomers are the most selfish generation to ever exist. You destroyed your own children's and grandchildren's future with your short-sighted selfishness and immaturity. And then you expect them to pay for your retirement????

    Can you baby boomers just hurry up and drop dead, please?

  2. Hey, Will
    Been reading but not commenting. Really enjoyed your visit, too. Judging from some comments, someone doesn't know you. doesn't know what you did to earn that retirement. Doesn't know what you did for New Orleans and Louisiana after Katrina. Doesn't know about the piece of your soul you left here.
    MsB and I know.