Monday, September 29, 2014

Miles to go.

I’ve been on the road a lot since the last update.  

In Great Falls, Montana: a bar with real mermaids.

First, from Seattle/Tacoma, I flew to Atlanta (about 2,500 miles).  Then I jumped into a team-van and drove to Calgary, Alberta (also about 2,500 miles).  A week was spent tending to the racing bikes for the 5-hour Energy racing team before driving the van back to Atlanta.  Then onto a plane for the return to Seattle.  
Rainy day in Alberta.

Sunny day in Alberta.

Jim Stemper!

All totaled, about 10,000 miles covered in about 3 weeks.  To unwind from all that, I packed up the Ducati and took a ride to San Francisco (about 1,000 miles each way) to visit my sister.  We had a great time, despite the lack of pictures.
World's largest bison.  Its in North Dakota.

The Oregon coast.

Coolest cafe in Eureka, California.

Giant Redwoods on the Avenue of the Giants,  northern California.

Next week I start a cross country bicycle ride, although I won’t be riding a bike, I’ll be in a chase car.  Update to follow.

This was my bike in 1999.  This very one.  I saw it on the road in Portland and met the current owner.


  1. That is absolutely something to pass a bike you once owned!! Nice bike too.

    Good to see it still out doing things.

    1. I know, right?! I bought and sold the bike in Virginia. It ended up in Montana, till a guy from Michigan (St. Joe's) bought it during his move to Portland, Oregon, and I happen to run into him while test riding a bike on some back roads there! What are the odds? But the modifications I did to the bike and the previous owners' locations (from the title) made it beyond a doubt to me.