Wednesday, November 26, 2014

on the road.

I’ve been away for a while but I haven’t forgotten you.  

This is Trey.

I spent nearly 7 weeks following Trey across the country, providing navigation and bicycle mechanic assistance, as well as pep-talks (not my strong suite, apparently) and driving the chase truck.  We started in Santa Monica, California, and finished in Charleston, South Carolina.  Along the way we faced rain, hail, lightening, people terribly upset at having to slow down briefly, and people waving and cheering enthusiastically.  He was chased by dogs and hounded by a coach who thought (reasonably), that he should consider a day off at some point.  But there was none: he rode the bike every day, averaging 58 miles per day.  And he maintained his full time job at the same time, thanks to some long days and the internets.  

It was fun to part of the team (three of us on the road, several more supporting from home), but I missed riding my own bike, which I did not have with me.  I took up jogging for some exercise but didn’t get to partake as often as I wanted to, or needed to.  By avoiding the major cities (except Los Angles, Phoenix, and Charleston) we also avoided a lot of good restaurant choices.  What there was to pick from was less-healthy, and my slight weight gain reflects that.

Sitting in the chase car for 5-8 hours per day took a toll, too.  Normally, I stop for every reason I can think of.  Antique stores, thrift shops, historical markers, BBQ, nice views…  The pace and schedule kept us from doing that much this trip.  Still, it was fun to drive across the country slowly, and I’m glad I got to participate.  Next time, I’m riding a bike too.  Someone else can drive the truck!

So I’m back in Washington state, briefly.  There has been a slight shift in the motorcycle inventory, with another one in the works.  And soon I’ll be heading south for warmer weather.  See you there!