Sunday, May 10, 2015

April/May 2015

Another long gap in the updatingness of the blog.  Time was spent heading north, answering the call of jury duty.  Along the way I saw the sites in Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington.  Here are some of the highlights.

I stopped to check out "The Big Dune" (that is it's real name) just north of Las Vegas.  It's not a casino, just a big sand dune.  The weather was nice as I started toward it, but the wind picked up, and the sand was pretty soft.  It started out as a nice ride and ended up as an ordeal.  Lots of walking and pushing the bike.  Sand in the face.  I made it to the base of the big dune but not to the top.  Another day maybe.

Wind blowing sand off the top.

Camping outside of Reno, in a county owned campground.  It was built on the side of hill, and uphill from me was an RV.  It was pretty windy but they wanted a campfire.  As they tried to light it, a wind gust took blew flaming newspaper into the air.  One piece when over my van and one went under.  The one that went under was stamped out by the people camping next to me, the one that went over disappeared into the woods.  The RVers went into their RV and were not seen again that night.  The campers next to me took a long walk in the woods looking for the fire.  Yet another reason to avoid campgrounds whenever possible.

In Oregon, I had a peanut butter, jelly, jalapeƱo, and bacon sandwich.  Yum!!  Also, saw a really big tree.
The other half disappeared before I could get the camera out!

Closeup of the tallest Sugar Pine.

Tractor with four steering wheels?

In Washington, I sold another motorcycle.  Another link to the past, gone.  Jury duty was pretty much a non-event.  I was there for two days of the two weeks, and only made it to a court room once, where the judge dismissed the entire lot of us.  Too many people in the pool had excuses, not enough would be left to pick from.

Tree climbing and trimming.  I'm the white speck in the middle of the picture.

View from my campsite on the Nevada/California border.

Careful, it might be slippery (it wasn't).

Sky view.  X marks my campsite for the satellites, apparently.

Took a moto ride with my brother.  That's his pristine 30 year old Suzuki.

Trying to look happy as I turn the bike over to the new owner.