Friday, September 4, 2015

So, I'm house-sitting in New Mexico.  Not too tough.  Water the plants (replace when dead), get the mail...  I'm getting a lot of mountain biking done, good training for next spring.  Down side?  Well, it is August in New Mexico.  Hot.  Very hot.  But I'm saving a lot on gas money for the van so it kinda evens out.  

These pictures are from a variety of places as the last batch was from my phone, these are from my proper camera.  
Brother Carl has a part-time gig as a race car driver.  Really!

A couple pictures from Arches National Monument.  Very rocky.

Arches National Monument.  Not very archy. 

This is about as busy as the road got.
Rafting on the Rio Grand River.  

Paddling the inner tube.  Reach for it!

No idea why I took a picture of a tree.  

Dirt road outside of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

A fun part of one of my top-5 favorite roads.

Road goes right even though the sign points left.  Why?  It was intended for oncoming traffic!   That was one tight hairpin turn!

Mountain bike for sale.  Low mileage, one owner.  Just doesn't get ridden enough.  Asking $2800, shoot me an email if you're interested.  We can negotiate the shipping.  will7926 at gmail.

Rafting, parting shot.
I'll be in this area (with a couple side trips here and there) for most of the rest of this year.  It might get tough to find interesting things to blog about but good and consistent wifi means I will at least give it a try.  Stay tuned....

Bonus!  Adventures in house sitting.

I haven't lost my pizza skills.

This walked past me as I sat on the porch one night.  If you're my sister, don't look at this picture.

Anti-social rattle snake seen on a mountain bike ride  (I was riding, not the snake).