Saturday, October 10, 2015

Still house sitting.

Still house sitting.  That's a good thing: it means the house hasn't burned down yet.  

I'm still putting in the miles on the mountain/touring bike, as seen in the photos below.  Some epic rides, and more to come.  Today I found a new route to check out, should be about a 36 mile route.  Good training, and maybe I'll make it a camping trip one of these days.

If anything exciting happens, I'll post it here.  Till then, enjoy the pics.

Best bike ever.

I was lost when I took this.  River, not road.

No gate, had to climb the fence.

Note to self: bring lots of water on those rides.

Taking a break from the roar.

Second tarantula I've seen since I got here.
I can almost play three notes in a row!  They make it look so easy in the videos.