Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It may seem as though I’m ignoring this blog but that was never my intent.  I have been spending a lot of time riding my bicycle, trying to develop some fitness, and in the off time… not much at all.  But that’s about to change.

10k miles on the Ducati.

Still looks only a couple years old.

In a few days I’ll be leaving New Mexico behind, leaving the van and motorcycles behind, and flying to Tacoma.  There I’ll meet my friend Paul and after a couple days of sorting gear, we’ll hire a pilot to deliver us deep into the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Then begins the Great Divide Mountain Bike Tour.  2,700 miles, 90% unpaved, almost 150,000 feet of elevation gain…  

Eating these once every two years is not often enough!

Temporary mustache and employment.

New Mexico rummage sale.
Should be fun.  Should be an adventure.  About 2 months of riding, sleeping in a tent, and trying to blog from my phone.   Which is possible to a limited degree.  My updates will be limited to text during the ride, unless I am able to figure out how to upload pictures from my phone.  Updates will hopefully be frequent but probably sporadic.    

Flat tire 9 miles from base camp, and no tube....

Long rides need calories for fuel.

Baby rattlesnake/pancake.

This is your RV on meth.

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  1. Hey Will! What was your temp job with that stache? Just as a suggestion, Tumblr might be a great way to document your trip with my Dad. It's really setup for just small posts with photos. http://tumblr.jamierytlewski.me - here's mine. I use it mostly for photos, but you can also post short blurbs.