Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuchuck to Polebridge


We departed Polebridge mid-morning. Destination was the town of Whitefish via Red Meadow Gap.  An easy ten mile climb (easy for Paul) that got steeper near the top.  It also got snowy, which wasn't on the menu. 

We rode till we couldn't, then dragged our bikes through the snow till we couldn't (about a mile) then left out bikes and continued on foot till we couldn't (about a quarter mile).  At this point the snow was over our knees and the pass was still over a mile away. 

Feet frozen, the snow getting deeper, the amount of effort needed to get our loaded touring bikes over the pass was too much.  The obvious but unwanted option was to turn back.  Reluctantly we did.  Ten miles downhill sounds great.  Add in cold wet feet and hands, and air temp below 50. Not so great.  

Back at the hostel we convinced Oliver to light a fire in the living room and decorated the wire with our wet clothing.  Another try tomorrow but we'll take a different route.  

Check out pictures from our trip HERE.

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