Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Days runtogether: Towaoc, CO to Moab, UT

Leaving Towaoc and a very nice room at the casino there, I took a wrong turn.  I blame tiny gps screens, zooming out a long ways is never quite enough.  

I discovered my error soon enough and recovered to find myself on a wide shoulder on a highway that went uphill for miles.  Little villages came and went, never a restaurant, no campgrounds, no stealth camping opportunities.  Finally, the town of Dove Creek appeared with one small but nice hotel.  Apparently that town is also the top of the hill, too.  

I hoped to take a day off there, the miles and climbing of the previous two days had worn me down.  But checking the weather showed I should move on.  Monday off would mean riding in rain Tuesday.  

I climbed on the bike Monday morning with little enthusiasm but the 80 miles to Moab were a hoot.  Over 5400 vertical feet of descending meant I arrived there feeling much better than I had a right to.  I bought two nights at an expensive campground a couple blocks off Main Street and its amazing how much better I feel after a day off.  

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