Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gallup to Towaoc

Day 6: Gallup, NM to Towaoc, CO. 

A day off did wonders, despite the crappy room I picked.  If you visit Gallup, get a hotel on the NORTH side of the railroad tracks.  Trust me. 

I've been riding about 60 miles per day and that felt pretty good.  Leaving Gallup, 60 miles wasn't going to get me anywhere.  The land was an Indian reservation, and leaving the road is discouraged with no trespassing signs.  

But 84 miles would get me to the Silver Spring Campground.  Google was a little short of details about the place and I worried it might be full or I wouldn't have exact change.  

I didn't need to be worried.  When I got there, the place had been closed so long that even the driveway to it was gone.  Or it was never there. 

Just 8 miles down the road was the town of Shiprock. Google listed a lot of restaurants but no hotels.  But they were wrong about the campground, and what choice did I have? New total for the day: 92 miles.  

In town I dined at the King of Burgers, searched for lodging every way I could think of, and flagged down a local police officer.  Guess google got that one right.  No camping, no hotels.  Hotels were available in Farmington, a mere 28 miles away but east when I want to go north.  Or Towaoc, 32 miles north.   What choice really?  I held out hope that along the highway I'd see a place where I could duck into the trees and stealth-camp.  Unfortunately, there are no trees in this part of the country.   New total for the day: 124 miles.  Over 9 hours.  And still no camping.  My room at the casino cost more than my two nights in Gallup.  


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