Friday, April 7, 2017

How did I go so long without updating this blog?  I’m not really sure.  Time flies, that’s I know.  

Minor obstruction . 
 Since the last update, (in Florida!) I traveled all the way to New Mexico by way of Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.  Along the way I visited some old friends, partied with some relatives, and completed yet another crossing of the great state of Texas.  The Texas-crossing was done in near record time, about 5 days.  I camped near Austin for several days but rain motivated me to move on.  

That's right, Street Road.  

Stoplights placed horizontally to mess with the colorblind.
 Once in New Mexico, I started bicycle riding with a purpose.  In less than two weeks I’ll be leaving the van and motos behind, hitting the road on the bicycle heading to Montana to meet Paul and resume our ride on the Great Divide mountain bike route.  The ride up there will be 1200 miles of endurance training and trying to loose some weight.  Once there, I’ll spoon on some knobby tires and hit the trail for 2000 miles of mud and sweat.  Blog updates will be much more frequent but probably without pictures.  I will be taking pictures and posting them at a later date.  Also, if Paul resumes using his Tumblr account, the pictures will mostly appear there in near real time.
"Dig it all out or go over the top?"  Maybe a bit of both.

Tire getting a little squared but still great grip.

Twisted tree.

Huge ass beads.

Drink till she's cute!

I ate so many of these!

Hatch Chillies 

Loaded and ready to roll.  Tent on the fork, sleeping bag on the handlebar, clothing in the seat bag, assorted stuff in the frame, knobby tires under the frame, water and food on my back.
Check back sooner than last time!  Departure on or about the 15th of April.  Updates as often as possible.

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