Friday, April 28, 2017

Moab to Price

I felt so much better after a day off in Moab it felt like three.  I couldn't wait to get back on the bike.  

I barely minded having to ride on the shoulder of a busy highway.  It was still better when I turned off onto a dirt road.  Many cows were thrilled to see me pass by.  

I made it to Greenriver, had a nice meal, and continued on.  About 4 miles latter I found a pretty good stealth camping spot.  The next section of road would be a highway with few options for camping and a long ride to the next town.  A little rain fell that night, but nothing to worry about.  

High winds were forecast for the next day, so I didn't waste time when I got up.  I was on the road for almost an half an hour when a headwind began to crank up.  Pretty soon I was pedaling down hill in low gears.   

It was 60 miles to Price. I made it 20 miles in two and a half hours.  And I was spent. 

I pulled along side a pickup that was parked on the side of the road.  Were they going to Price? Turns out they were.  Two geologists from Colorado (no, neither of them was named Randy Marsh).  I would have ridden in the back of a horse trailer at that point.  

Sitting in a hotel room in  Price and looking at the weather reports, there is more wind in the forecast tomorrow.  Worse, rain and snow at my next destination.  Waiting a day will make a world of a difference.  

So, after  two days and only 110 miles (including a pickup truck ride), I'm taking another day off.  I'm all for forward progress but day's off are in the budget too. 

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