Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to Butte, Montana by bicycle

First day: 60 miles, much climbing, some dirt roads, some paved.  Lots of uphill. I passed through Cachilo (no store) stopped at the only store in Winston.  I barely slowed down in the town of Dusty (only one house there, nothing else).  Camping was in the Cibola National Forest but very primitive. 

Second day: another 60 miles.  I started the day with less than 1 liter of water.  Not good, but this is a desert, water sources are rare.  Except for cattle tanks, which there are a few.  I found one as conditions neared "panic" level.  After checking that nothing had drowned in the tank recently, I broke out my filter and got busy.  A few minutes later I was tanked up.  Good thing, too, as my older maps kept sending me down driveways instead of through roads.  

I finally made it to the Very Large Array where I knew the gift shop would have some snacks.  I skipped the tour this time (been there at least twice before).

From there it was a plesant ten-mile uphill grind to the town of Datil where I found my first restaurant of the trip so far.  

A campground was just two miles out of town so in the morning I will backtrack for a good breakfast.  I need it, my gadget says I've pedaled off almost 8000 calories so far.  

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